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Posted by Patrick on Wednesday, October 05, 2011Wed, Oct 05, 2011
Typically, I have at least two versions of Xcode installed. Occasionally more. Keeping track of which one is running can be difficult, so I grabbed this lovely icon by Artua and put a ribbon on it with a label. It helps keep me sane. In the package available below, I’ve included the Illustrator CS3 file (so you can make your own), ICNS and PNG versions. Download Xcode Versions Icon …
Posted by Patrick on Wednesday, September 21, 2011Wed, Sep 21, 2011
360iDev was a blast. Several other iDevBlogADay authors have already commented on this. In trying to explain what the conference is like, I came up with the phrase “liberal arts developer conference.” There are plenty of developer talks, but also some great design, business and just-plain-makes-you-think talks. And multiplayer Pac-Man. Let’s not forget that. Oh, and d…
Posted by Patrick on Wednesday, September 07, 2011Wed, Sep 07, 2011
As I’ve mentioned before, I will be speaking at 360iDev. I do have a few announcements about that. With just a few days to go and many attendees also reading iDevBlogADay, I hope you will forgive this post not being all that developerish. My talk has taken a slightly different angle than the original proposal, and for those wondering whether to come to my talk or not, here is some more i…
Posted by Patrick on Wednesday, August 24, 2011Wed, Aug 24, 2011
I don’t like writing boilerplate code. A while back, I started dragging my game engine kicking and screaming into the world of OpenGL ES 2. The good news is this lets me write shaders. The bad news is I need to write boilerplate code every time I write a shader — you know the kind — scaffolding code to load the shader, code to bind the attributes and uniforms and prov…
Posted by Patrick on Monday, April 18, 2011Mon, Apr 18, 2011
I thought I’d briefly mention what I’m up to these days. I started working on one of my potential game ideas and did some upgrading on my game engine to bring it up to date on OpenGL ES 2.0. And then I got distracted. So distracted, in fact, that I have decided to switch projects. A little while back I tweeted to the effect of stating that there was a lot of low-hanging fruit…
Posted by Patrick on Monday, April 04, 2011Mon, Apr 04, 2011
This week’s iDevBlogADay snuck up on me a bit. I’ve been intending to do a “numbers post” on my Swivel promotion, so here it is, and I’ll try to keep it concise. Back around two weeks ago, I got up one morning and on a whim decided to make Swivel free. Sales had essentially flatlined, so there really was no risk. What happened next surprised me, a…
Posted by Patrick on Monday, March 07, 2011Mon, Mar 07, 2011
Since the release of Swivel, I’ve taken a bit of time to let myself unwind from the development cycle and dwell on what I want to work on next. I’ve decided on a new project that I’m really excited to get into, but before I do, I need to do a little work on my tools. Abraham Lincoln said, “If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first…
Posted by Patrick on Monday, February 21, 2011Mon, Feb 21, 2011
One of the recurring compliments that Swivel gets is that it runs very smooth. This was not an accident. For a puzzle game there are surprisingly many things that are potentially rendered in a single frame: several layers of blocks, shadows, crossfading backgrounds, particles, explosions, double-layered fonts, etc. One of my early goals was to have rendering be very fast. I wanted the game to ooze …
Posted by Patrick on Monday, February 14, 2011Mon, Feb 14, 2011
Yesterday @GavinBowman asked me about my experience using Game Center for the multiplayer mode in Swivel. So here is a brain dump of my thoughts on the subject. I apologize in advance for the somewhat rambling nature of it. If you have any specific questions beyond what I cover, feel free to ask in the comments. I won’t go into any code but if there is interest it can be the subject of …
Posted by Patrick on Monday, February 07, 2011Mon, Feb 07, 2011
Two weeks ago I started a series of introductory posts on Archivist, a library for simple serialization in C++. I wrote Archivist for my game, Swivel, which is now in the App Store. Today I’d like to show you how to deal with basic inheritance with Archivist. We’ll get into polymorphism in a future post. Let’s extend our first example with some inheritance. Let&r…
Posted by Patrick on Monday, January 31, 2011Mon, Jan 31, 2011
I was planning to write another post on Archivist for this week, but with Swivel in the approval process I am pressed for time to get my promotion materials together. So instead here’s a quick snippet of code that may be useful to you. Color values are one of those things that you don’t really think about until you need them. And when you do you might fire up Photoshop or the D…
Posted by Patrick on Monday, January 24, 2011Mon, Jan 24, 2011
I’m thrilled to be a part of iDevBlogADay for which this is my first post. I hope I will be able to contribute something of worth to the community every Tuesday. I have several bits of code to release as I go along too, so hopefully you will find it helpful! Yesterday, I outlined my motivations for a creating library called Archivist. You may want to check that out. In short: Serializa…