360iDev Git Talk
Posted by Patrick on Wednesday, September 07, 2011Wed, Sep 07, 2011

As I’ve mentioned before, I will be speaking at 360iDev. I do have a few announcements about that. With just a few days to go and many attendees also reading iDevBlogADay, I hope you will forgive this post not being all that developerish.

My talk has taken a slightly different angle than the original proposal, and for those wondering whether to come to my talk or not, here is some more information.

In preparing my talk, it became obvious that a different presentation on Git was needed. I really wanted to focus on things that you cannot get by just hitting Google — or at least not easily.

This talk will be technical, though not hard to understand.

There are nearly 200 slides. I will take you on a deep dive inside Git, how it works, how it thinks about your project. I will show you why it is fast and powerful on the operational level. Then with that foundation I’ll take you into workflow and organization. I believe this is the right approach to demystifying and really “getting” Git.

I’m not going to spend much time on using Git or getting it set up. There will be no boring command line demos. I’ll touch on a few things, but that stuff is all available online. If you DO need help with using Git, I will be happy to talk to you at any time during the conference to help you get set up or answer questions. If I don’t know something off the cuff, I’ll find an answer and get back to you.

I recently had an opportunity to give a beta version of this talk at my local CocoaHeads. One developer commented that although he had been using Git for a while, this talk revolutionized how he thought about it and prompted lots of discussion with his team. Based on further feedback, I tried to strip out or trim down any less interesting part to get it streamlined.

I’m really excited to give this talk at 360iDev and I hope you’ll join me for it. If you do miss it, you can always get the session video after the fact. The slides will be available on this blog.

Here are a few more reasons to attend:

The awesome guys at Fournova have generously allowed me to give away a free copy of Tower to an attendee. They’ve also provided some stickers, Git cheat sheets, and a coupon code for 10% off during the conference.

As if that isn’t enough, GitHub have provided a pile of stickers and a free month of their Micro hosting plan.

Regardless of your interest in Git, please come up and introduce yourself — I’d love to meet you.

See you there!