InControl is an input manager for Unity3D that standardizes input mappings across platforms for common controllers. It is written in C# and strives to make it easy to add cross-platform controller support to your game.
A library that aims to make serialization in C++ a lot easier. It values simplicity over efficiency and optimization, but remains powerful and flexible.
A lightweight signals and slots implementation.
A small, lightweight PNG library.
Experimental BLOB Transfers (for Unity Netcode for Entities)
Farseer Physics tweaked to be compatible with Unity3D.
Support and Issue Tracking for InControl
Simple model decorators for Rails 4.
A repository for my custom PHP-related brews.
A highly experimental and simplistic Rake-like DSL.
And ActiveRecord extension that allows for caching based on latest updated_at time.
A Ruby gem with native C extension for the scrypt password hashing algorithm.
A utility to help scaffold code from OpenGL ES 2 shaders.
A Ruby gem that helps you sterilize your strings, transliterate, properly titlecase, generate slugs, smart format, strip tags, encode/decode entities and more.
A dark theme for Atom based on the Railcasts color scheme.