InControl: ICade

Support for iCade on iOS is included as of version 1.5.10. To enable it, toggle the “Enable iCade” property in the InControlManager inspector.

Since the iCade is essentially masquerading as a hardware bluetooth keyboard, a hidden UIView text input field is necessary to actually read the input. This view could interfere with other parts of your game requiring text input, and so is not active by default. You can activate it by setting ICadeDeviceManager.Active = true; This setting may be toggled on and off at runtime.

Once both iCade support is enabled and ICadeDeviceManager.Active is set to true, a single attached iCade device will appear as an InControl input device.

The iCade device has an unusual set of inputs, so only the DPad and eight buttons are available. They are mapped to the following elements of InputControlType:

  • DPadLeft, DPadRight, DPadUp, DPadDown
  • Action1, Action2, Action3, Action4
  • Button0, Button1, Button2, Button3

The relevant iOS plugin files are in InControl/Plugins/iOS. You do not need to copy them to your Xcode project manually. They will automatically be included in the project by an included Unity build postprocessor.