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TwoAxisInputControl Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for TwoAxisInputControl:
IInputControl PlayerTwoAxisAction

Public Member Functions

void ClearInputState ()
void Filter (TwoAxisInputControl twoAxisInputControl, float deltaTime)

Static Public Member Functions

static implicit operator bool (TwoAxisInputControl instance)
static implicit operator Vector2 (TwoAxisInputControl instance)
static implicit operator Vector3 (TwoAxisInputControl instance)

Public Attributes

DeadZoneFunc DeadZoneFunc = DeadZone.Circular
bool Raw

Static Public Attributes

static readonly TwoAxisInputControl Null = new TwoAxisInputControl()


float X [get, protected set]
float Y [get, protected set]
OneAxisInputControl Left [get, protected set]
OneAxisInputControl Right [get, protected set]
OneAxisInputControl Up [get, protected set]
OneAxisInputControl Down [get, protected set]
ulong UpdateTick [get, protected set]
float Sensitivity [get, set]
float StateThreshold [get, set]
float LowerDeadZone [get, set]
float UpperDeadZone [get, set]
bool State [get]
bool LastState [get]
Vector2 Value [get]
Vector2 LastValue [get]
Vector2 Vector [get]
bool HasChanged [get, protected set]
bool IsPressed [get]
bool WasPressed [get]
bool WasReleased [get]
float Angle [get]
- Properties inherited from IInputControl
bool HasChanged [get]
bool IsPressed [get]
bool WasPressed [get]
bool WasReleased [get]

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