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OneAxisInputControl Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for OneAxisInputControl:
IInputControl InputControl PlayerAction PlayerOneAxisAction

Public Member Functions

bool UpdateWithState (bool state, ulong updateTick, float deltaTime)
bool UpdateWithValue (float value, ulong updateTick, float deltaTime)
void ClearInputState ()
void Commit ()
void CommitWithState (bool state, ulong updateTick, float deltaTime)
void CommitWithValue (float value, ulong updateTick, float deltaTime)

Static Public Member Functions

static implicit operator bool (OneAxisInputControl instance)
static implicit operator float (OneAxisInputControl instance)

Public Attributes

float FirstRepeatDelay = 0.8f
float RepeatDelay = 0.1f
bool Raw

Protected Attributes

bool isNullControl = false
bool ownerEnabled = true


ulong UpdateTick [get, protected set]
bool State [get]
bool LastState [get]
float? Value [get]
float? LastValue [get]
float? RawValue [get]
bool HasChanged [get]
bool IsPressed [get]
bool WasPressed [get]
bool WasReleased [get]
bool WasRepeated [get]
float Sensitivity [get, set]
float LowerDeadZone [get, set]
float UpperDeadZone [get, set]
float StateThreshold [get, set]
bool IsNullControl [get]
bool Enabled [get, set]
bool EnabledInHierarchy [get]
- Properties inherited from IInputControl
bool HasChanged [get]
bool IsPressed [get]
bool WasPressed [get]
bool WasReleased [get]

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